Candice Mayhall


When I was a kid, my family moved around a lot. I found comfort in new surroundings by creating my own sense of home through newly designed spaces. I spent all my free time sketching floorpans and furniture layouts. Back then, Style With Elsa Klensch on CNN was my silent advisor, giving me access to trends and influences beyond my southern reach.

This pattern continued into adulthood as I painted and repainted rooms in my house, rearranged furniture, and refined my own personal style. Eventually, I started designing spaces for friends and colleagues who felt hampered and intimidated by the creative process. I realized I was really good at reflecting their unique personalities. I found it so energizing, I decided to launch my own interior design business to focus on it full time.

Here’s what I know for sure: home should be a sanctuary—a place of rest and refuge. With all the chaos swirling around in the world, its one of the few places you can engage with friends and family in an environment that brings you joy. That’s powerful stuff.

Designing your home shouldn’t be scary or restrictive. It should be fun and rewarding and when you’re done you should feel renewed and excited. Sunday Home Interiors is here to help you get there.

Home should be a sanctuary—a place of rest and refuge.

What’s in a name?

I named my business Sunday Home Interiors because Sundays are my happy place. In the Mayhall household, Sunday is a day to press the reset button. We go to church, take naps, the kids play outside, and we all have dinner together. Still wrapped in the safety and protection of our little bubble, Sundays are about enjoying the life we’ve made in the place we’ve made it.

Everyone deserves an amazing space that brings this kind of joy and comfort. It’s not a lofty ideal or an impossible feat. You’re welcome to check out my portfolio or better yet, contact me to chat about what you’d like to accomplish.

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